Healthy Food Menu For Weight Loss

Each day, the body needs to be given the intake consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, various vitamins and minerals, and water to support its performance. Healthy diet menu is a list of nutritious food is balanced with the adjusted levels by the body needs daily.


In addition to paying attention to its nutrition value, the value must be in the food healthy diet menu should also be adjusted to your daily calorie needs. Following the 2000 calorie healthy diet menu you can apply for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although called a healthy diet menu, you can still feel the variety of food.

Healthy Diet Food Menu

Each individual has different calorie needs. But the average adult needs 2,000 calories daily. Breakfast. You can fill your stomach with eating a bowl of cereal with a sprinkling of raisins and fat-free milk. After that, a small banana fruit and one sheet of bread from whole-grains with the brand of margarine and jelly jam you can eat.

Other healthy food for breakfast options i.e. oatmeal raisin are blended and cooked with margarine. To drink, you can chug orange juice (250 ml) milk without fat (120 ml). Snacks. Sample snacks that you can consume each day consists of 245 grams low fat yogurt mixed fruits.

Lunch. Can you make a sandwich of bread from whole grains, chicken, lettuce, sautéed mushrooms, sauce and mustard. Finish your lunch with boiled potatoes 200 grams. Dinner. Tofu with vegetables and peppers, a bowl of red rice and a cup of iced tea lemon around 250 ml.

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