How To Lose Weight Fast With Green Tea

Green tea is the perfect being recommended in beverage diet tips fast thin, as it has the content of catechin polyphenois which are able to burn fat in the body within 24 hours by 4%. This is because the green tea can increase the rate of fat oxidation. Green tea is also good to drink before a workout to maximize disassembly of body fat.


Regardless of the effects this healthy drinks, can also set the level of glucose in the blood by slowing blood sugar so as to minimize the fat cells to absorb the glucose. Antioxidants serve to fight the free radicals due to environmental pollution or food intake too much often contains chemicals that we consume everyday.

Lose Weight With Green Tea

Different types of tea are different then the way brew. To brew green tea, water with temperature 80-90 degrees Celsius. The brewing process also should not be too long, an average of only 2-3 minutes per dish. To get the maximum benefits of tea, drinking at least six to seven cups per day.

Actually drink in a state of cold or hot green tea stay healthy. But the ice in the drinks can be melted and mixed with water the tea so that higher densities decreases. So that it can reduce the benefits of green tea for weight loss. Should drink while hot or warm.

The most nice green tea is green tea with an original taste without the sugar and flavorings. Green tea processed by Mills usually have already reduced or missing content antioxidant. While green tea that is packaged in a bottle usually also been given artificial sweeteners and other chemical substances. Perhaps even more calories than soda or juice.

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