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What’s With A River Thames Wedding Showcase? The River Thames is quite a popular destination for anyone who is planning a celebration or even for simple occasions. It’s normal to see the Thames hosting stuff like parties and events like meetings, gatherings, product launches, and even PR events. But if there is one very particular event that’s making Thames the most ideal spot, it has to be a wedding reception. It’s no secret that more and more people are getting intrigued with prospect of holding their own wedding reception on a Thames boat, and considering that you’re reading this post, the only conclusion we can come up with is that you’re also very interested in it. Yes, everyone knows that holding an event in a Thames boat gives guests the chance to see London in its entirety, but there also are several other reasons why you must seriously give it a consideration. Here are the reasons why a Thames Wedding is the best:
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1 – A Thames boat wedding reception is literally beyond compare.
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If you are looking to make your wedding something that will linger and remain memorable for the rest of your life, consider a place that’s beyond compare to others and Thames gives you just that. And just like any other wedding reception, you get to choose from the best wedding suppliers in the city to serve you, including caterers on board, florists, entertainers, and practically everyone who can make the celebration topnotch. 2 – It’s literally a rock star treatment for the couple. By getting married on the Thames, you feel like you’re a rock star. It’s just that having the luxury of owning a boat traversing through the river at least for several hours is some kind of a surreal feeling. 3 – There are actually several boat options available for you. You have the chance to choose from a fleet made up of different boats and steamers, specifically designed to provide not just a remarkable but very elegant wedding reception venues. Therefore, if you are really looking to make the celebration as inimitable and unique as possible, there is no other fancier option than a Thames boat. 4 – Get to see London in one trip. Perhaps the most interesting thing about a wedding in Thames is not the fancy and elegant ambience onboard the boat or steamer. Though you might not have an idea about it just yet, as soon as you take the ride, you will be greeted with London’s best landmarks all in one experience. In essence, you will be experiencing a wedding celebration and exploration in one, where sights like the city’s popular skyline and others are highlighted.

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